tina marie (namingthestarsx) wrote in make_me_sturr,
tina marie

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me = tuna

[Name] tina, or tuna.
[Age] fourteen.
[Favorite bands?] my chemical romance, saosin, the daughters, sparta, and rainer maria.
[How did you get here?] tj's profile...yesh im nosey!
[What do you like about rating communities?] i've never been in one...but i'd like to find out what other people think of me.
[What do you dislike about rating communities?] sometimes people can be snobby...but every one here seems pretty damn cool! =P
[on a scale of 1-10 what do you rate yourself and why?] somewhere between 3-4 because i think im pretty unattractive...
[Pictures] these pictures are pretty crappy..but oh well. =P i just took 'em today

in my bathroom! holler!

in my bathroom...again...and blurry X.X

i dont know why i put this piture here, its pretty bad...but for some reason i like it.
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