courtany anne (eyesofscarlet) wrote in make_me_sturr,
courtany anne

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Because I love Tee & Sara,I pronounce myself a member of the community..I may now kiss...someone!

Favorite bands?:Tool,A Perfect Circle,The Doors
How did you get here?:Tee & Sara :D
What do you like most about rating communities?:That it's usually encouraged for me to bitch
What do you dislike most about rating communities ?:That my boobs seem to grow everytime I'm stressed
On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate yourself & why?:8,because I am cynical & Johnny Depp is my muse

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aww my beautiful courtney <3
shes mine sara waht the hell.....soooo purdy!
very hott

PROMOTE US! i mean, hell, we have JOHNNY DEPP plastered all over here :P
Yay!I'm hot!But the first thing I seem to notice in those pictures are my boobs,they just seem to be the one's saying "hi" rather than my face ;)
baaahhaha you're so funny courtney :)